Martin Kofroň - founder of MARRKO CORE

My name is Martin Kofroň and I invented a rehabilitation and fitness system MARRKO CORE. It all started with the events of 2012, when I served with the 43rd airborne battalion in Afghanistan. My spine was injured in the field, and even after I came home, the pain was close to unbearable. I could barely move and I felt shooting pains down my legs. At that point I found myself thinking “I am thirty years old and I can´t do any sports or sit still for half an hour.” One second had turned my life upside down.

The first time I felt some relief was when I attended physical therapy. I went for an hour a day for two weeks. I felt things starting to get better but I was still in pain during every day chores. I turned one room in my house into a fitness lab, where I used ropes to achieve positions that would relieve the strain that my spine was under. One day I needed to take down a climbing rope I regularly used. It had knots that helped me stay in the desired positions.

Such a simple thing can´t be so effective

The knots on the rope were so tight that I had to cut the rope off. I threw it in the corner of my gym. As it was lying there, I figured I could use it, and I started improvising.

The very first minute of my intuitive workout relieved some of the pain. At the same time, moving the rope around seemed quite hard. I went on and I soon realized this was going to be a breakthrough for me even though it seemed unbelievable. “Such a simple thing can´t be so effective,” I kept telling myself. But the opposite was true. MARRKO CORE proves that simple ideas tend to be genius.

And as a bonus I soon realized I was getting in really good shape. When using this system of exercises, you are working out your whole core!

Rope Marrko Core - the very first prototype

Soon I made my first prototype

I believed in this project so much, that I sold my house

My muscle corset felt stronger and stronger every day. I could sleep. I could – after a looooong time – touch my toes again.

I was so blown away by MARRKO, that I took the whole project as a life mission. I had been so low that at this point I was driven by the idea that I could easily help others who have been feeling just as helpless.

I believed in this project so much, that I sold my house, and I still do. I had been building it for 5 years, it became a bit like my child. Nevertheless, a mission is a mission.

First I got in touch with the Art and Industry University in Prague. The director liked the idea of students making a real life project by creating a design for a fitness tool, and so 11 students submitted their sketches and ideas and I was able to be right in the middle of the creation of the functional model. The feeling, when you are turning your ideas into real life objects, is beautiful.

Contour by contour, more here, less there… It is amazing to witness the birth of a tool that you hope will help people everywhere. And when you are finally holding the product in your hands, you feel like the world is yours.

The Art and Industry University is a successful and quality school and the students I met are about to make it in the world of design. It is to them that I owe thanks for Marrco being not only a top fitness and rehabilitation tool but also a top design piece.

testing Marrko core FTVS

Soon I was about to get more good news. This time from the Charles University in Prague. The Faculty of Sports and Physical Education had been testing MARRKO Core®  for a while and now they were reporting what I intuitively knew from the beginning.

My product is comparable to all tools for core muscles workouts used by professional athletes. In certain parameters, MARRKO Core® tests reveal even better results. It is now being tested some more and athletes from different fields are showing interest in using MARRKO Core®.

My goal is to spread the word and broaden its impact into the world of physical therapy as well.

The faith of MARRKO CORE is now in your hands. Be a part of the MARRKO CORE story. Help me help others, whether it is their chronic back pain, or their sports ambitions, whether they need to loose weight in a healthy way or sport is simply their lifestyle.

Thank you, Martin Kofroň